Occasionally, I write a poem…

It doesn’t happen often and I actually wrote this one a few weeks back, but I was just reminded of it, because my house is popping and creaking and startling me while I’m trying to work. The other day, from down the hall, I heard the sound of someone walking across my guestroom floor. No […]

Back to the Read-A-Thon that really wasn’t

So, it feels like a thousand years ago that I gave away copies of MONDAY’S LIE in exchange for reading assignments from the winners. But really it was only January. Life rather shook things up, so the timeline of the original read-a-thon was, well, blown up. I am, however, completing my assigned reading as I […]


Some things that happen in life are simply too– too– well, too something to be used in fiction. They’re too stereotypical, too fantastical, too easy, or too impossible to use for representing anything that will look –or feel– like reality on the page. Art imitates life every day, just as it should. But my art […]

Back to the Read-a-Thon!..

Took a little detour of necessity, but I’m back into it with news of the second book assigned to me in my Read-a-Thon of Distraction. Book two was THE LION, THE LAMB, THE HUNTED, by Andrew E. Kaufman. This is not my usual fare, but I can see why Kaufman has such a following. It’s […]

The Long and Faraway Gone, by Lou Berney

So then there’s THE LONG AND FARAWAY GONE, by Lou Berney. If the title rings in your head like the story might be threatening to put a lump in your throat, then good, you’re paying attention. But this is no sappy, manipulative piece of work. It’s life on pages. There’s a set of mysteries at […]