Back to the Read-a-Thon!..

Took a little detour of necessity, but I’m back into it with news of the second book assigned to me in my Read-a-Thon of Distraction. Book two was THE LION, THE LAMB, THE HUNTED, by Andrew E. Kaufman. This is not my usual fare, but I can see why Kaufman has such a following. It’s […]

The Long and Faraway Gone, by Lou Berney

So then there’s THE LONG AND FARAWAY GONE, by Lou Berney. If the title rings in your head like the story might be threatening to put a lump in your throat, then good, you’re paying attention. But this is no sappy, manipulative piece of work. It’s life on pages. There’s a set of mysteries at […]


I don’t know what I was expecting, but certainly I got something other than it with this book. It’s a memoir only a celebrity could get paid for. Adam Corolla thinks he had a bad childhood and a lot of wild times. And maybe he did. I can’t tell. The book is a stream-of-consciousness daisy […]

The winners have been notified. Then they notified me…

Thanks to everyone who entered! I so love this event. The Read-A-Thon of Distraction commences this Friday morning and before I head off to the launch of MONDAY’S LIE at Malaprop’s Bookstore & Cafe the following Friday, February 6th, here’s what I’ve been assigned to read by the winners of the giveaway: NOT TACO BELL MATERIAL, […]

Close Encounters of The Lupine Kind

The first thing you should know about wildlife watching in Yellowstone is that the longer you stare at a buffalo, the less real it looks. It’s a weird phenomenon. At the first glance, it’s a lump-in-the-throat reverence for Nature and a pang of majestic appreciation set to rising violin music in your head. But it’s quickly doomed to go all snorts and […]