The Trouble With Not Caring About Caring

The problem I have with FaceBook today is the Cause Invitations. I don’t mind the announcement of a fund raiser or a link to an article that could raise awareness for something I forgot to worry about. But the flags to pledge your inclusion to groups called ‘Don’t Beat Your Children!’ or ‘Flattening Puppies With Spades Is Wrong!’ — I mean, you actually have to click a button labeled ‘IGNORE’ to tidy your dashboard.

I don’t like the psychological implications of this. There is no tacit approval of snuff films or wearing the fur of endangered animals because my FaceBook profile isn’t linked to a breath-takingly obvious and ultimately pointless convergence of pixels on a social networking site.

I hereby swear my allegiance to the Most Exalted Order of Decent People. Should I fail in my actions, not in my FaceBook linkage, to support its tenets, may I suffer as do all who so trespass – in my soul, where it counts.


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