Eeep! Discovery. This happens to me slightly less often than it should…

Came across a wonderful singer/songwriter, Nicky Monté.  Have a listen, if you’re so inclined.  I particularly enjoyed ‘Waste’ and ‘Upon Reflection’. See if you do, too.  If so, then pass it on.

Thought this was a bit of brilliant from her ‘About Me’ –

I pretty much always wanted to take guitar lessons, but being raised in a single-parent household made that little dream o’mine financially impossible. It wasn’t until I was about sixteen (seriously) that I realised I could try and teach myself. I picked up my sister’s guitar (no, she doesn’t play. she just had one for no reason.) and failed miserably. I gave up within no time, and several years later I came up with the absolutely genius plan to buy myself an expensive guitar, thinking that would motivate me. I’d have to make an effort to learn, because otherwise it’d be a ridiculous waste of monies, wouldn’t it? Anyway, I still believe that to be the best idea I’ve ever had.


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