When Congratulations are in Order

Sometimes living in cyber-proximity to big talent, and one that’s been rewarded with a chance-of-a-lifetime achievement, will renew your faith in all that’s good about the business you aspire to.

Case in point, Alex Adams and her inspiring deal, just announced with Atria Books (an imprint of Simon & Schuster.)

From the Publishers Weekly deal notice –

Alexandra Machinist at the Linda Chester Literary Agency closed a nearly seven-figure three-book world rights deal for author Alex Adams. Emily Bestler at Atria bought Adams’s debut, White Horse, along with its planned sequel and another title, at auction. Horse, which Machinist called a “postapocalyptic quest novel,” follows a woman searching for her lost lover while protecting her unborn child. Justin Manask at Office for Literary Adaptation is shopping the film rights.

Congratulation, Alex.  I’m so thrilled for you!


Author: jamiemason

Wrote THE HIDDEN THINGS, MONDAY'S LIE, and also THREE GRAVES FULL (Simon & Schuster's Gallery Books.) Might write something else if I'm not careful.

One thought on “When Congratulations are in Order”

  1. You’re making me all teary again. Thank you, Jamie. You have talent in abundance, so I know I’ll be offering the same heartfelt congratulations soon.


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