Free to good home: Three Graves Full giveaway at Goodreads

Simon & Schuster’s Gallery Books has launched a giveaway over on Goodreads, and that’s fun for me on two fronts. First of all, it’s 20 copies headed out to readers and that’s wonderful.

And then there’s the cover.

This giveaway is for 20 advance review copies – the only version that will feature the first cover design. I’ve spent some quality time with the new cover and have mooned over the full layout and I am unreservedly in love with it, but that stark shovel will always hold a special place in my heart. (And possibly in a poster on my office wall. And maybe in a mural on the side of my house. And maybe a tattoo — hey, it was my first book cover!)

So have a click if you’d like to win a copy –

and thanks for being out there!


Author: jamiemason

Wrote THE HIDDEN THINGS, MONDAY'S LIE, and also THREE GRAVES FULL (Simon & Schuster's Gallery Books.) Might write something else if I'm not careful.

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