I don’t know what I was expecting, but certainly I got something other than it with this book. It’s a memoir only a celebrity could get paid for. Adam Corolla thinks he had a bad childhood and a lot of wild times. And maybe he did. I can’t tell. The book is a stream-of-consciousness daisy […]

The winners have been notified. Then they notified me…

Thanks to everyone who entered! I so love this event. The Read-A-Thon of Distraction commences this Friday morning and before I head off to the launch of MONDAY’S LIE at Malaprop’s Bookstore & Cafe the following Friday, February 6th, here’s what I’ve been assigned to read by the winners of the giveaway: NOT TACO BELL MATERIAL, […]

Close Encounters of The Lupine Kind

The first thing you should know about wildlife watching in Yellowstone is that the longer you stare at a buffalo, the less real it looks. It’s a weird phenomenon. At the first glance, it’s a lump-in-the-throat reverence for Nature and a pang of majestic appreciation set to rising violin music in your head. But it’s quickly doomed to go all snorts and […]

The Secret Place, by Tana French

So the last time I talked about Tana French’s books, I was delighted by the Möbius strip impossibility of ranking my favorite among her first four novels. I’m equally delighted to take a scissor to the strip. Every one of Tana French’s books is wonderful, but The Secret Place is just that little bit more so. Or […]

FitBit and the Death of Efficiency

I wonder how long I’ll feel like a crazy person? I’m fighting the blooming of a new mantra, running from the illogical inevitability of my new motto: Never Do In One Trip What You Can Drag Out Into Three. I blame Stacy Allen and Dave Sedaris, and Mr.Sedaris only because he reminded me in his wonderful […]