AuthorScoop Launches AuthorCast with Masha Hamilton and ’31 Hours’

AuthorCastAuthorScoop is pleased to announce the launch of its newest feature, AuthorCast, an audio/visual book preview series hosted by Jamie Mason, in association with

The inaugural episode is an interview with Masha Hamilton, journalist and novelist, about the release of her upcoming book, ’31 Hours’.

’31 Hours’ glides through the thoughts of Jonas, a young man, a free man, in the thirty-one hours leading up the violent stand he’s become convinced he must make. Jonas’ narrative shows up the line between us and them for only a suggestion, an idea, just as fluid as any idea. His whispered prayers in preparation for the ultimate act of conviction recall to us that a mind can be changed, even to the very fundamentals of morality, in the crucible of our modern lives.

Jonas’ family realizes in these same thirty-one hours that their slow-lighting intuitions have allowed him to drift beyond their reach. As their fears take shape, New York City wakes up to the last ticks of the stopwatch, but only a handful can hear it in their hearts and race to the source before it’s too late.

AuthorCast at AuthorScoop – Masha Hamilton, ’31 Hours’

’31 Hours’ by Masha Hamilton is available at


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